Marcel Duchamp ‎– Esquivons Les Ecchymoses Esquimeaux

Design [Cover] – Marcel Duchamp

Record is part of S.M.S. magazine No.2 – April 1968.
The magazine comes in the shape of a white folder which contains art multiples by the following artists:
1. Nicolas Calas 2. Bruce Connor 3. Marcia Herscovitz 4. Alain Jacquet 5. Ray Johnson 6. Lee Lozano 7. Meret Oppenheim 8. Bernard Pfreim 9. George Reavey 10. Clovis Trouille 11. Marcel Duchamp (the record).
Magazine cover reads “A guest + a host = a ghost, Marcel Duchamp 1953”.
Record is fixed with nut and bolt to the magazine.
No cat# appears on the release; LEBP-4143 is derived from the runout area etchings.